Information, tips, and techniques to help you enhance your woodturning skills.

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Turn a Sunrise Bowl

Turned Wave Platter
Turn an Open-Backed Clock
Turning Accessories
Piercing a Maple Leaf
Salad Bowl With Textured Band
Enhancing Your Work: Woodburning and Piercing
Turning A Leaf Vase: Part 2
Piercing a Maple Leaf
Turning A Leaf Vase: Part 1
Turning Antler
Shaving Kit
Graduataed Candle Holders
Introductin to Hollow Turning
There are many forms and techniques for hollow turning and this introduction will only take a quick look at one of them. Once you try hollow turning, you may want to look into it a little further.
A serving tray is a great way to embellish any dining room table. Try different woods for dramatically different results.
These eye-catching rocking vessels are fun to make and will allow you to show off your skills. The learning curve is steep, but after making one or two you will be ready to experiment with different shapes and forms.
Most rolling pins hang out in a drawer until it’s time to whip up a batch of pastry, but this eye-catching beauty is meant to be seen, even when it’s not rolling out dough for tasty treats. This project includes a versatile stand that lets you choose between displaying your handiwork on the countertop and hanging it from the wall.
Turning Beads and Coves
For many new turners, finding the right technique can be a little frustrating, and they often end up using scrapers to do most of their turning. This article will help you get more use out of your gouges and rely less on your scrapers for shaping. 
Turning a Serving Tray
Revisiting The Two Piece Hollow Form
Turning a Two Piece Thick Walled Hollow Form
Working With a Lathe Duplicator
Turning spheres free-hand is not easy. This jig makes the process easy and fun, and opens up a whole new world of artistic options on the lathe.
The first thing that many woodturners do when seeing a new bowl or hollow form is to pick it up and look at the bottom. 
Chess Set - Part 3
Chess Set - Part 2
This is one of those turning projects that looks much harder than it is. With a little patience, you, and the finished piece, can come out looking pretty smart.
Four Centre Vase
Turning Project
With proper planning and wood selection, you’re set to turn the perfect platter to present a beautiful, healthy afternoon snack – fruit.
Making Turned Boxes
The great thing about box making is that it can be a good way of using up a small piece of wood, even an offcut, that might otherwise end up being discarded. It can be transformed into a thing of beauty, using your imagination, originality and skill.
Lidded Jewellery Box 
One of the most popular items to make when you decide to take up woodturning is a lidded box. This turned box is an excellent study of different techniques to add to your repertoire.
Turn Some Spin Tops
Turning spintops is easy, highly productive and lots of fun. And if you’re into craft shows, they’re good sellers.
Many of us are not that fascinated with the art of spindle turning. There doesn’t seem to be as much fame and glory in it as there might be in bowl work, hollow forms, or as some people call it, "wood art."
Wooden tops have fascinated children down through the ages with their mystifying ability to defy the laws of gravity. Who knew that physics could be so much fun?
Buying a Midi-Lathe
A midi lathe is a great starter lathe for someone just getting into tuning, but what should you look for when buying your first machine?
At first thought, accurately making segments for a turned segmented bowl seems like a tedious and painful task. That’s not the case, because a special mitre sled simplifies cutting the parts, while some standard supplies and a simple approach are all you need to get the bowl blank assembled and ready for turning.
I like to give gifts that are hand made, and because I’m a notoriously cheap person, it’s a good thing I’ve got a little wood shop! Personally I don’t think there’s anything nicer than things made from beautifully figured wood.
A ring stand is the perfect gift idea for that special lady who needs a place to put her rings on a nightstand or dresser when retiring for the evening.
Honey Dipper
Make your honey more accessible and less messy with this turned project.
Forget about expensive, complicated computer software; with a bit of practice this simple method will have you laying out a segmented turning in less time than it takes to sharpen your turning gauge.
Oneway's Precision Balancing System
Tool Review
Adding texture to a wood surface creates visual and physical interest. And since wood is a material that can be textured quite easily, and in many ways, it would almost be a crime not to give wood more of what it wants.
There are many ways of embellishing pieces; whether it be filling voids or cracks in a contrasting manner, or deliberately adding colour and texture. The methods are as varied as your imagination.
Doug Magrath and John Lacroix are two woodworkers who, while producing very different products, share a common background: neither started their career in woodworking.
Follow the steps properly and you will open your eyes to the wonderful world of eccentric turning. Once you finish this piece, and have a good command of the process, you’ll be able to design all sorts of interesting and unique eccentric turnings.
For this project, we incorporate a little faceplate turning with some spindle work. Both are relatively simple to do, however, some fairly accurate measurement is required when turning the spindles. With this particular piece, I used hard maple for the top and bottom and Padauk for the spindles, to provide contrast.
Turn this heirloom-quality Christmas ornament for someone special on your list this year.
Turning requires a completely different set of tools and can be confusing to the beginner. Cut through all the confusion to learn what’s really needed.

Two Earings, One Turning
This project is both elegant and economical. I say that because these earrings are turned as one piece, then cut into two and shaped off the lathe. The project requires a bit of off-set turning with an eccentric chuck.
Mounting a Blank
Many of us are not that fascinated with the art of spindle turning. There doesn’t seem to be as much fame and glory in it as there might be in bowl work, hollow forms, or as some people call it, "wood art."
Natural Edge Hollow Vessels
Chess Set - Part 1
Turning For Beginners
Turning can be very rewarding, but for the beginner, it can also be very frustrating. While you won't get any better if you don't practice, it is inevitable that practicing poor technique will inevitably lead to frustration. 
This handy brush is great for getting at any hard to reach places, and is especially suited for dusting your computer's keyboard. It is a simple spindle turning project that becomes extraordinary when you use any one of a variety of beautiful exotic woods.
Regardless of what the computer manufacturers say, handwriting is far from being a lost art. Hand crafted pens and pencils are still very popular among consumers and crafters. In fact, pen turning is one of the fastest growing woodworking hobbies.
Once in a while a tool handle breaks, maybe from excessive blows with a mallet. Or, perhaps you have purchased a tool, but the original handle just doesn’t feel right. Whatever the reason, making a new tool handle is an enjoyable process that provides you with the opportunity to further develop your design skills.
In this article I describe turning a piece of wood that is not round, and retains its square corners. When the piece is turning at high speed the corners become invisible, so I always keep firmly in mind that the only thing allowed to extend past the tool rest is the tool. It is even more important than usual to stop the lathe before moving the tool rest and to rotate the piece by hand to ensure it is clearing the tool rest before switching the lathe on.
Most people think of bowls as being round. In all fairness, they usually are. However, sometimes it’s fun and interesting to try turning something new.
Take the drudgery out of sanding and realize the full potential of your projects.
In addition to turning domestic and exotic woods, you can also turn alternate material and add them to your work to create unique, original pieces.
Turning a Pen
Inspired to create some sawdust but want something quick and easy? Turning a pen might just be the thing for you.
Carbide Pen Turning Tool Set
Tool Review
Easy Wood Tools Ci3 Easy Finisher
Tool Review
Two Cherries HSS Turning Set
Tool Review
Laguna Revo 18|36 Lathe
Tool Review
NOVA Comet II 12" Midi Lathe
Tool Review