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Roarockit Thin Air Press

Although there are many different types of vacuum veneering systems on the market, none are as simple and effective as the Thin Air Press, developed and sold by Roarockit. Adding veneering techniques to your body of work can be intimidating because of the cost of some of the sys­tems out there. This system allows you to try your hand at veneering without breaking the bank. It is also a great system for those of us who don’t do a lot of veneering. This manual vacuum bag and pump works really well for making projects that involve bent laminations like in the case of skateboards, but that’s not where it ends. I used this vacuum press for veneering and it works really well. The air is evacuated using a hand pump and the seal on the bag is created with a strip of butyl rubber. The press provided enough pressure to lami­nate a skateboard and certainly enough to press veneers.

My daughter and used this pressing system to make the skateboard in this issue and it worked like a dream. In my small shop this is an ideal setup for veneering because it doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space. I recommend this press for anyone who doesn’t do veneering often or is looking to experiment with veneering without spending a lot of money.

A smaller version of the Thin Air Press is available at Lee Valley but there are more size and package options if you visit

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