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Shop Tested: For a woodworker exploring the possibilities of turning, the learning curve is quite steep. As with any woodworking endeavour, having sharp tools is essential for success. 


Oneway Wolverine

After watching some pro-turners sharpen their tools free-hand on a grinder, realized that was going to be in trouble. It took me a long time to master the art of grinding flat blades; couldn’t imagine gouges and skews.

Oneway to the rescue! The Wolverine sharpening sys­tem is just what any newbie turner needs in order to get sharp tools quickly and easily to allow them to move on to the fun stuff, the turning. This jig, combined with a 3450 rpm, 8” grinder, can handle any turning tool. The set-up is easy and intuitive and comes with detailed instructions and a DVD to help. Using the jig is quite easy, even for a guy like me who has spent many hours cursing in front of a grinder. The jig is designed with simplicity and maximum function in mind without any fluffy bells and whistles that gum up the functionality. I was able to get great edges on my tools without a lot of fuss.

I also found the flat platform included with the jig to be quite useful for plane irons because it is by far the most stable and robust platform I’ve used.

If you are a new wood turner you must take a look at the Wolverine sharpening system. Like everything that Oneway manufactures, the Wolverine is well thought out and extremely well built. For more infor­mation and pricing, visit

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