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Installing Crown Moulding - Part Three: Curved Walls

Home Improvement: Placing crown moulding on curved walls can seem like an impossible challenge – follow these simple tips to achieve great results. ...READ MORE

Sharpening Carving Gouges

Shop Skills: Tuning and sharpening your gouges is vital to your success and overall enjoyment in carving. ...READ MORE

Baltic Birch - Full inventory available!

A staple in the world of laser cutting and wood crafting....READ MORE

Zero Clearance Inserts

A zero clearance insert is easy to make and goes a long way in reducing tearout. ...READ MORE

The Router Book: A Complete Guide to the Router and its Accessories

Book Review...READ MORE

Net-Backed Abrasive Sanding Discs

Finishing Touch: Enhance your sanding efficiency with net abrasives....READ MORE

Magic Square Puzzle

Wooden Puzzle:  The Magic Square puzzle originated in China more than 3,000 years ago. ...READ MORE

Free Easy Gift Plans

Free Easy Gift Plans...READ MORE

Premium Bandsaw Blades Cut Smoother

Increase your productivity and accuracy when ripping, resawing, and cutting curves by using the right blade.VISIT SITE

Mortising Mallet

Shop Tools: You’ll make quick work of chopping mortises with this easy to build mallet.  ...READ MORE

Mitre Saw: Extreme Make-Over

Dust Collection: The mitre saw is very difficult to collect dust from. Because of the difficulties with collecting dust from such saws, I narrowed the fo...READ MORE

The Cabinet Scraper: Low Tech Tool - High Performance Results

Handtool Skills: Scrapers are among the lowest-tech tools in the woodshop – right down there with mallets and two-by-fours. But low-tech or not, these little...READ MORE

Liven Up with Live Edge Lumber

Create spectacularly unique furniture with domestic live edge lumber.VISIT SITE


HomeInOn: Excessive humidity can be a real problem for your home and your health. We look at how a dehumidifier can help get things back under control....READ MORE

Premium Blades For Precise Cuts

Get clean, accurate cuts on your table saw or mitre saw by using premium blades specifically designed for the job at hand.VISIT SITE

Woodchuckle: The Workshop

Woodchuckle...READ MORE

Skill-Up With Hands On Projects

Learn essential woodworking skills and end-up with a project you can bring home by taking a beginners course.VISIT SITE

Hall Hooks

Easy Project  ...READ MORE

Perfect Glue-Ups

Good quality clamps that exert the right amount of clamping pressure are essential for edge-gluing, joinery, and project assembly.VISIT SITE

Bench Clamps

Bench Clamps - Download this handy poster that you can put up in your workshop for practical tips on bench clamps....READ MORE

Polyurethane Dust Collector Hose

Upgrade your dust collection system with Magnum Industrial's new polyurethane hoses. They're tough, flexible, and clear.VISIT SITE

10 Woodworking Rules of Thumb and Exceptions

You know the old saying - there's an exception to every rule. This applies to woodworking, too. Here are some woodworking rules of thumb, along with why each rule is valid, and...READ MORE

Harmonious Grain

Skill Builder: Sometimes paying a little extra attention to the grain patterns in wood can bring your furniture to the next level. ...READ MORE

Glue With Confidence

Nontoxic, solvent-free PVA glue provides superior bond strength, long open assembly time, and good gap filling properties.VISIT SITE

Quick and Easy Sharpening

Water-cooled sharpening systems that operate at very low speeds minimize your time sharpening, yet produce perfect results every time.VISIT SITE

Power Feed for Precision

A power feeder keeps stock tight to the fence, maintaining a steady feed rate, and delivering accurate, consistent results.VISIT SITE

Spiral Cutterheads Outperform

Retrofit your planer or jointer with quality spiral cutterheads.VISIT SITE

Give Your Work the Edge it Deserves

Shop Skills: Edge treatments help frame a table or cabinet’s top and legs and can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of a piece. Before you reach f...READ MORE

Torsion Box Shelves

Home Project: Torsion boxes involve using a thin layer of sheet goods on both faces, held together by narrow strips of solid wood. They allow you to create thick l...READ MORE

Enhance Your Efficiency

Innovative woodworking accessories and jigs speed up mundane tasks so you can focus on what you love to do.VISIT SITE

Desk Top Organizer

Easy Project   ...READ MORE

Heirloom Tool Cabinet

Shop Project: Sure, you can hang all your tools from sheets of pegboard, but that doesn’t do much for the atmosphere of your shop. A wall-hung hand tool cabi...READ MORE

Bosch Daredevil Framing Blades Deliver Precision and Speed

Product News ...READ MORE

Stopped Dado Joint

Wood Joinery: A stopped dado provides the same strength and flexibility that a dado joint does, however it hides the dado itself for a cleaner look on the fro...READ MORE

Next Generation Batteries

Tool Technology: There has been a lot of innovation in the cordless power tool sector in recent years. We recap the recent developments that strive to bring more p...READ MORE

Pen Making is Easy and Fun

It’s a relatively easy and inexpensive hobby to get into as it doesn’t require a large amount of space or a vast array of tools.VISIT SITE

Woodchuckle: A Small Bathroom Repair

Woodchuckle...READ MORE

Seth Christou

Candian Quotes: ...on sketching, woodworking books and cringing at his past designs....READ MORE

Spray Your Way to a Gorgeous Finish

Save time and money, reduce overspray, and get a blemish-free finish with an easy-to-use turbine-driven HVLP system.VISIT SITE

Harvest Table

Furniture Project: The clean lines of the Craftsman style have always appealed to me, so when I wanted a pedestal dining table that wasn’t C...READ MORE

Japanese-Inspired Shop Storage

Shop Storage: It’s nice to have at least some of your shop storage solutions look fantastic. This cabinet is inspired by the tansu that have been hand crafte...READ MORE

Referent-Based Design

Furniture Design: How is it that we learn to create? Is it possible to learn creativity? Is there a skill set from which aspiring artists and designers can extract...READ MORE

Control Portable Table Saw Dust

Cut the dust from a portable or contractor-style saw by over 90 percent.VISIT SITE

Not Your Granddads Linseed Oil

Modern linseed oil based finishes offer much better protection than traditional boiled linseed oil, and they cure faster and harder.VISIT SITE